Use a Coffee Table Book to Memorialize Your Guests' Good Wishes

Guest books are a great way to let the good wishes of your guests stay with you and your spouse throughout your lives, but more often than not,... read more

For Simple & Tasty Reception Fare, Say Cheese

While serving up great entrees to your guests is good form, simplicity can be nice when it comes to hors d'oeuvres. One of the best ways to sate... read more

Refreshing & Informative: Edible Seating Cards

Seating cards are key to getting your guests where they need to go at your reception, but they are usually simple paper that is quickly forgotten... read more

Wow Your Wedding Guests with a Special Performance

Dancing is the life of a wedding reception, with your band or... read more

Refresh Your Reception Guests with Tipsy Snow Cones

Thinking of fun and creative things to serve at your wedding can be difficult, but there are plenty of awesome ideas out there. One really neat... read more

Sangria: Celebrate with This Sweet & Summery Drink

Summer weddings are special occasions (all weddings are, but there is something particularly wonderful about summer). Warm air, sunny skies, and... read more

Seven Summer Sippers Perfect for a Wedding Reception

Ah, nothing says "summer" quite like a nice cold beverage, with condensation gathering on the glass as you sip it joyfully in the balmy air. So... read more

Edible Beauty: Decorate Your Wedding Cake with Summer Flowers

The intricacies of the wedding cake are wide and varied - from questions such as "Should I have a cupcake tower, a tiered cake, or several smaller... read more

Sweeten Up Your Wedding Favors With A Trip To Chatham Candy Manor

Coming up with great wedding favors for guests can be difficult. There are plenty of great things you can give guests to say "thank you for coming... read more

Four Ways to Add A Spot of Whimsy to Your Special Day

While your wedding day is a day of beauty and celebration, it can be nice to incorporate an element of fun. Here are some fun ideas to include on... read more


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