Four Ways to Make Mom's Wedding Gown Part of Your Special Day

While some brides relish the idea of getting wed in their mother's gown... read more

Wedding Day Fun: Let Your Special Day Reflect the Real You

Getting married is a happy occasion, so bring some playfulness into your special day.

Here are some fun ideas.

If your groom likes... read more

Practical Favors: Give Your Guests Your Centerpieces to Take Home

Having trouble coming up with ideas for wedding favors? Consider giving out your centerpieces.

This does not work with a traditional... read more

Birth Flowers Add Beauty to Your Bouquet

Birthstones are well-known, but a lesser known fact is that each month has its own unique birth flower. If you want to add a personal touch to... read more

Keeping with Tradition: What to Choose for Your "Something Borrowed"

While technically “something borrowed” can be anything a bride-to-be would like, traditionally, the “something borrowed” was supposed to symbolize... read more

Teach Your Guests Some New Dance Moves--At Your Reception

While the Chicken Dance is all well and good, your wedding can feature dancing that is a bit more intricate if you like. Whether you and your... read more

Make Your Guests' Experience Special with a Personalized Note

When guests arrive at your reception, it is customary to have them receive... read more

Personalized Seating Cards: Use Photos of You & Your Guests

If you're looking for something personal for your seating cards, or perhaps something that won't just get tossed out after the wedding, consider... read more

Four Ways to Keep Your Chronically Late Bridesmaid on Time

In nearly every circle, there always seems to be at least one "chronically late friend". The one who never shows up on time, no matter how far in... read more

Don't Toss That Bouquet, Keep It

While few things are as ingrained into the collective mind as the bouquet toss at a wedding, many brides are opting to not do it.

If you... read more


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