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Picturesque and romantic, Cape Cod is an easy drive from any location in the Northeast, and offers a variety of activities sure to please every guest at your wedding.  Use this site to plan your perfect Cape Cod wedding.  

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Use a Coffee Table Book to Memorialize Your Guests' Good Wishes

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For Simple & Tasty Reception Fare, Say Cheese

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Refreshing & Informative: Edible Seating Cards

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Wow Your Wedding Guests with a Special Performance

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Refresh Your Reception Guests with Tipsy Snow Cones

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Ten Ways to Make a Campfire-Themed Wedding Crackle

For a unique summer or fall wedding theme, consider adding elements of a campfire to your special day. Nothing says fun, cozy and romantic quite... Read More

Dancing decision: live music or DJ?

Entertaining guests at the reception is a big part of any wedding. Yes, the penultimate goal is that two people who are very much in love come... Read More

Thirteen Ways to Beautify Your Wedding With Butterflies

There are many themes to choose from for your wedding, but few have the beautiful delicacy of a butterfly-themed wedding. Here are some ways to... Read More

Gay Weddings

GWOCCVisit our companion website Gay Weddings on Cape Cod.com, the ultimate resource for gay weddings on the Cape.

All the listed vendors are gay-friendly and happy to make your special day magical and memorable!

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