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Picturesque and romantic, Cape Cod is an easy drive from any location in the Northeast, and offers a variety of activities sure to please every guest at your wedding.  Use this site to plan your perfect Cape Cod wedding.  

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Four Ways to Make Mom's Wedding Gown Part of Your Special Day

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Wedding Day Fun: Let Your Special Day Reflect the Real You

Getting married is a happy occasion, so bring some playfulness into your special day.

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Practical Favors: Give Your Guests Your Centerpieces to Take Home

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Birth Flowers Add Beauty to Your Bouquet

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Keeping with Tradition: What to Choose for Your "Something Borrowed"

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Eight Ideas for Planning a Musically-Inspired Reception

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Seven Ways to Plan a Shakespeare-Inspired Wedding

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Handfasting, Wedding Lassos & Centerpieces: Ten Ways to Literally Tie the Knot at Your Wedding

Using rope in your wedding brings literal meaning to the phrase “tying the knot” and also harkens back to the maritime history of Cape Cod. While... Read More

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GWOCCVisit our companion website Gay Weddings on Cape Cod.com, the ultimate resource for gay weddings on the Cape.

All the listed vendors are gay-friendly and happy to make your special day magical and memorable!

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